Digital euro will not be available until 2026, at the earliest


Digital euro will not be available until 2026, at the earliest

EU citizens are unlikely to get their hands on a digital euro until 2026 at the earliest, as the European Central bank considers further design and distribution considerations .

Why Nostradamus Followers Fear This Horrifying 2023 Prediction

Nostradamus predicted a global war that could arrive in the next few years. Does that mean World War III is imminent? Here’s why the year 2023 has his followers horrified.

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Translational Research at Manchester 2022 – Session 1 Lightning

On the 16th of November Translation Manchester hosted its annual event, Translational Research at Manchester 2022 at the Pendulum hotel. The event focussed on how the Translation Manchester Research Network (TMRN) can support researchers at Manchester to progress their research towards a healthcare outcome.

With over 280 registrations and 42 trade stands from TMRN partners, as well as a selection of lightning talks, the breadth of support available to researchers at all stages of their translational journey was highlighted, with plenty of opportunity for networking, discussions and making those all-important connections – all evidenced by the general level of noise coming from the exhibition rooms! Additional presentations on translational research success stories from previous Translation Manchester Awardees, a funding workshop featuring major funders for translational projects updating us on their schemes, opportunities and mostly importantly some top tips, and an inspiring keynote on how crucial team science is to delivering outcomes for real patient benefit, made for a truly enlightening and enjoyable event.

Session 1 was closed by lightning talks from partners of the TMRN which highlighted the support available to translational researchers at the University and beyond, and featured the unique opportunities granted by the vast Manchester Translational Ecosystem made possible by our own One Manchester Approach. The lightning talks were a fantastic opportunity to stimulate discussions in the networking sessions where partner had a stand to further explain the support they can provide.

Digital Euro Seeks To Turn Europeans Into SERFS Once More

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COMING SOON: CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency Will DESTROY Your Freedom

In this video I talk about the real threat of a CBDC digital currency and how soon we may see these. CBDC or a central bank digital currency is a form of exchange that is controlled by the government and is in digital form. This CBDC explained video also explains CBDC vs Crypto and how a CBDC USA currency is closer than you think. The CBDC in China is already being tested and in other CBDC news the Euro will likely participate soon. a CBDC or central bank digital currency should be in the back of your mind when you are stacking silver and gold. CBDC programmable money would be complete totalitarian control of the money supply. A CBDC is coming and it is a threat. I am stacking silver and buying gold to protect my wealth and I strongly encourage you to look into it as well.



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