ECB publishes report on payment preferences as part of digital euro investigation phase


ECB publishes report on payment preferences as part of digital euro investigation phase

The European Central Bank (ECB) has published the findings of commissioned research on citizens’ payment habits and their attitudes towards digital payments in order to gain a deeper understanding of user preferences as part of the digital euro project.

The Dangers of the Digital Euro

The European Central Bank is examining options to launch a central bank digital currency – the digital euro. A digital euro as it is planned by the ECB will shift our handling of money. In this video, we want to share with you what dangers we have identified about the digital euro.

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Why the digital euro?

Our colleague Georgina talks about the possibilities that the digital euro would offer as a safe electronic form of money issued by the ECB.
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The ECB Podcast – A digital euro: what, why, when? (part 1)

Do we need a digital euro, and why? What might it look like? And how would it differ from other means of payment?
Our host Katie Ranger puts these questions to digital euro expert Evelien Witlox.

The views expressed are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the European Central Bank.

Published on 15 October 2022 and recorded on 7 October 2022.

In this episode:

1:11 – Commercial versus central bank money
What a digital euro is, how paying with it might work and how it would differ from the money in people’s bank accounts.

5:52 – Why are we looking into a digital euro now?
What made the ECB start exploring a digital euro in October 2021 and why we need one.

8:45 – What a digital euro might look like
What benefits a digital euro would have as a means of payment and how people would pay with it.

13:35 – Keep an eye out for the next episode!
There’s still a lot to be said on this topic. In the next episode, we’ll look at how your data would be handled with a digital euro and what it could mean, politically, for Europe.

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Explainer: the digital euro and the importance of central bank money

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The ECB Podcast: is it time for a digital euro?

European Central Bank

The Digital Euro | European Central Bank | Digital Currency for Europe

The Digital Euro – A documentary produced by Plot11 Germany on the opportunities, risks and uncertainties that a digital currency brings. From central banks to private individuals to investment bankers, there are all kinds of different interests in implementing a digital currency in Europe. Privacy, fungibility or volatility play a central role for different stakeholders.

Digitalization is now noticeable in all areas of our lives and has already changed the way we pay. A digital euro would be a symbol of progress in Europe and European integration. It would be issued as money in electronic form by the Eurosystem of the ECB and the national central banks of the euro area and could be used by individuals and businesses alike.
It would not replace cash, but complement it.

Some of the subject matter experts on cryptocurrencies, the financial market, and digitization who have spoken in this documentary are:
Ravi Menon (head of Central Bank Singapore)
Martin Chavez (former CFO of Goldman Sachs).
Brian Brooks (chairman monetary auditor of the U.S.)
Christine Madeleine Lagarde (ECB chief)

The opinion of German companies on the introduction of a digital currency is quite clear. 78 percent,- that is, three quarters of all companies with 50 or more employees, are in favor of the introduction of a digital euro. Only one in five companies, 20 percent, consider these plans to be unsuccessful. That is the result of a recent survey of 652 companies in all sectors in Germany from 2021. Above all, the possibility that other private digital currencies might otherwise come into use, which could undermine European values, speaks from the point of view of the companies, for a digital euro.

Produced by: Plot11 Germany
Production Year: 2021
Country: Germany
Language: English

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